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The Journal of Asian Economics will publish a special issue on Monetary Policy Issues and Challenges for Asian Economies. A virtual special issue conference (via Zoom) will be organized by the Asia-Pacific Applied Economics Association.

Global uncertainties have grown rapidly in the aftermath of the 2008 global financial crisis. The global financial and economic systems have experienced multiple challenges in the form of terrorist attacks, currency crises, trade wars, natural disasters and epidemics/pandemics. These extreme events call for policy innovations. The subject of this special issue conference is to identify key monetary policy issues and challenges faces by Asian economies in the face of these global uncertainties, and to identity effectiveness of policies. These uncertainties demand prudent monetary policy. The debate regarding the effectiveness of fiscal policy and monetary policy rules working in tandem to achieve economic stability and growth in the face of mounting uncertainties remains active. Asian economies have been at the forefront of (a) the impact of these global uncertainties and (b) policy responses. The effectiveness of these policies is unknown.

Against this background, the proposed conference on the theme will encourage papers that explore the following issues:

  • the effectiveness of monetary policy rules for economic and financial system performance;
  • financial market reactions to monetary policies;
  • financial market reaction to monetary policy uncertainty;
  • factors that influence the effectiveness of policies;
  • firm performance due to monetary policies and policy uncertainties;
  • how global factors such as financial technologies, natural disasters, terrorism, trade wars, trade agreements, and climate change influence monetary policy and financial and economic performance;
  • endogenous growth models and monetary policy;
  • financial cycles and monetary policy;
  • business cycles and monetary policy;
  • economic uncertainties and monetary policy;
  • energy insecurity and monetary policy;
  • convergence of monetary policies in emerging markets; and
  • other related topics to the theme.



Conference dates: An international conference on this theme is planned for December 16-17, 2021. Selected papers from this conference that meet the quality expectations of the Journal of Asian Economics will be published in a special issue of the journal. This proposed special issue will be guest edited by Professor Paresh Narayan.

Conference registration: The conference registration fee is US$280.



Submission Procedure: Contributors should submit their manuscript in English by November 10, 2021 by email to with a copy to and any queries should be directed to the guest editor. Institutions planning to organize sessions should also send their proposals together with the papers to the guest editor by November 10, 2021. After the conference, papers meeting Journal of Asian Economics publication standards will be invited for submission to the journal. Further instructions on journal submission will be provided after the conference. Papers submitted to the journal will undergo the journal's standard review process and editorial decisions will be made accordingly.